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Elf Week Dec. 10-14
Posted 11/29/18

How to Catch an ELF

 December 10th-14th


This year Benton Elementary will focus on the book How to Catch An Elf by Adam Wallace. Every grade level will participate in numerous activities during the week of December 10th- 14th. Our team of Elves have planned student dress up days, classroom competitions, art and literacy activities, STEM lessons and so much more. We will also be selling a school designed “Elf Squad” t-shirt to benefit the Gingerbread House (order form separate).

Students will also have another opportunity to help the Gingerbread House by bringing in any items listed below.

• Journals (with and without locks)

• Books (ages 2-14)

• Bottled water and soft drinks

• Individually-wrapped snacks

• 18x12 art sketch pads

• Washable markers

• Black sharpies (fine point)

• child-size and teen size vinyl aprons

• Art easel drawing paper

• Art supplies and craft kits

• Puzzles, coloring books, small toys

• Copy paper • Office supplies

• Paper towels

December 10th- 14th Student Dress Up Days:

Monday: Wear Your Crazy Christmas Socks

Tuesday: Green Day!!! Wear a green shirt along with your uniform bottoms.

Wednesday: “We are Hunting Elves!” Wear your camo!!!!

Thursday: Red Day!!! Wear a red shirt along with your uniform bottoms.

Friday: Dress up like an Elf! Or wear your “Elf Squad” t-shirt.