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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff List
Name Position Number  549- Email
Allen, Jennifer Kindergarten
Bell, Cathy 2nd Grade 5191
Bourque, Romona Pre-K 5212
Bragg, Lori Kindergarten 5225
Bratten, Sandra 4th/5th Grade 6948
Braun, Ginger Kindergarten 5224
Bryant, Kelly 4th Grade 6951
Chase, Nettie 1st Grade 5234
Council, Ramona 1st Grade 5229
Craft, Lisa Kindergarten  5212
Craft, Stacie 2nd Grade 5185
Dickson, Kelly

Driskell, Jennifer

1st Grade




Duncan, Beth 3rd Grade 5200
Eldridge, Lindsey

Eubanks, Terry

1st Grade

5th Grade


Fulco, Jeanne 4th Grade 6950
Gallagher, Leigh 5th Grade 6946
Gamble, Kari Librarian 5187
Goerbig, Christy Nurse 5173
Golden, Meagan

Guice, Candace

2nd Grade

5th Grade



Hampson, Olivia 3rd Grade 5202
Hardin. Connie 3rd Grade 5198
Harville, Tamara

Hudnall, Jackie

K-2nd Grades



Johnson, Angelina 1st Grade 5237
Kinsey, Beth 2nd Grade 5191
Kochenderfer, Kathy Speech 5188
Lopez, Zaraka 5th Grade 5201
Lowry, Rachel Art 5193
Maggio, Billie Kindergarten 5221
Masters, Amy 3rd Grade 5197
McEntee, Megan 4th Grade 6949
Miguez, Stephanie 2nd Grade 5190
Morse, Melissa 1st Grade 5237
Moseley, Reannon 1st Grade 5231
Neu, Stella 5th Grade 6945
Peavy, Stephanie 3rd-5th Grades 5233
Poole, Janie PreK-5th 5236
Pope, Nichole PreK-5th 5236
Stevenson, Samantha 3rd Grade 5199
Thompson, Stephanie Steam 6944
White, Tanya Pre-K
Willis, Heather 4th Grade 5217